From the closet of my mind

Such a simple thing, really: the capturing of a photographic image.  Just the soft press of a button.  In the beginning, of course, it was not simple at all. Think of those early alchemists with their toxic concoctions of silver and collodion, noxious fumes filling the air.  Those who came before us, those who opened the door... they were as Gods, accomplishing nothing less than the bending of light to their will.  They brought Time and Reality to heel, frozen in a moment of silver.

The capturing of a photographic image: notice I did not say the creation of an image.  The truth of the matter is the capturing begins with a theft.  A furtive glance.  A sharply held breath.  And then the quiet click of the shutter.  Just like that, you have stolen a piece of world.  You have stolen a possibility.  This theft is the foundation, the genesis of the creation process. It is here the artist brings his craft to bear so as to change the image into something different, something not originally present.  In this manipulation the image is transformed, the possibilities made real.  And therein lies the Vision and the Art.

But at no time should photographers ever forget that we are trafficking in stolen goods.

Welcome to PHOTO LUMIERE, the name I have given to the creative process that is my photography.  I am David Smith, and I have been a photographer for over 13 years. 

If you see a hint of the old Pictorialists in some of my works, I will be quite pleased.  If, for instance, one of my photographs makes you think of Wapping by Alvin Langdon Coburn, or The Big White Cloud, Lake George by Edward Steichen, then I will consider myself to have at least accomplished some small achievement today. 

Thank you for your interest in PHOTO LUMIERE and welcome to the closet of my mind.  I hope you find something within that catches your eye.

soul keeper
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